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gismu rafsi: vus vu'i x1 (ka) is a taste/flavor of/emitted by x2; x2 tastes of/like x1. Also: x2 tastes of seasoning x1, x1 is a seasoned flavor of x2 (= tsapyvu'i); vrusi may overlap the senses of taste and smell, since the latter is a significant component of taste. See also kukte, tsapi, cpina, panci.
ma vrusi
How does it taste?
lo vrusi be lo finpe cu carmi
The fish has a strong flavour.
lo birje po'o .i ma na nelci le vrusi
No. Only beer, I don't like its taste.
lo vi stasu cu se vrusi lo sluni
This soup tastes of onions.
ti poi grana titspi ku'o lo crino plise cu simsa lo vrusi
This candy cane tastes like green apple.
le vrusi be le nu paroi cinba cu se morji mi
The taste of the first kiss remains vivid in my memory.
lo tcati poi pinxe ke'a lo cnino saksruseibo'i cu se vrusi lo milxe ka jinme
Tea, drunk from a new thermos, tastes a little metallic.
ko'a pu pensi lo du'u ma kau vrusi lo ko'e ctebi
She wondered how his lips would taste.
gismu x1 is a seasoning/condiment/spice causing flavor/effect x2 (event/property). Also: x1 flavors x2 (tu'a). See also vrusi.
gismu x1 is pungent/piquant/peppery/spicy/irritating to sense x2. Also prickly (= pecycpina). See also vrusi, kukte, cidja, panci, sumne.
gismu rafsi: kuk x1 is delicious/tasty/delightful to observer/sense x2 [person, or sensory activity]. x1 is a delicacy. See also gusta, ralci, vrusi, cpina.
gismu rafsi: pan x1 is an odor/fragrance/scent/smell emitted by x2 and detected by observer/sensor x3. An undetected emitter is odorless to the observer. See also nazbi, sumne, cpina, vrusi.
experimental gismu x1 feels the taste x2 See tasta, vrusi, ganse, palpi, viska
experimental gismu x1 is a taste of x2 See smaka, vrusi, kukte, krumami, sodna
lujvo z1 tastes v2 using taste buds z3 under conditions z4. Cf. vrusi, zgana, vusyga'e, kukte.