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lujvo f1=n1 is unmarried under law/custom/tradition s3. Cf. fetnalspe, naknalspe, specfari'i, bavyspe, pruspe.
lujvo p1 loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards the nation/ethnic group n2; p1 is a patriot/nationalist. Cf. natmi, prami, natpamtrusi'o, naijgi.
lujvo cr1=d1 is a halter top of material cr2. A subtype of "tube top" (jancaucreka), with a single strap around the back of the neck. Suggested shortest fu'ivla form: ebdrka. Cf. creka.
lujvo cr1=s1 is a polo-neck garment of material cr2. Usually a sweater (nivycreka), with a close-fitting, round, and high collar that folds over and covers the neck. Suggested shortest fu'ivla form: epcrka. Cf. creka.
lujvo g1 (agent) tidies/cleans up/neatens/straightens c1 in property/quantity c2 (ka/ni). Cf. cnici, gasnu, ganzu
lujvo g1=n1 is an exaggerated creature/character (such as a dog made of nickel) of origin g2 nikle, gerku
lujvo n1 is the temperature of g1 measured on scale n2. Cf. glare, lenku, kelvo.
lujvo ni1 is the age of j1 from time/event t2 (default: birth) until reference time on scale ni3 (default: [{month}, year]). See also: nilnalci'o and zatra'i.
lujvo cu1=cn1 is a new business involving persons cu2 from cnino cuntu c.f. nincu'upre
lujvo p1 is an intrepreneur involved in business cu1=cn1 from cnino cuntu prenu c.f. cu'upre nincu'u
lujvo g1 is a sceptre made of g2 used by n1. Cf. nobli, grana, nolboi, ri'irga'a, trumapku.
lujvo t1 is neither quenched from nor thirsty for drink/fluid/lubricant t2. On a scale between “quenched” and “thirsty”, t1 is roughly at the midpoint. See also: taske, toltaske, no'e.
lujvo xa1 is neither sated from nor hungry for food/fuel xa1. On a scale between “being hungry” and “being sated”, xa1 is roughly at the midpoint of it. See also: xagji, tolxagji, no'e.
lujvo n1 is an event of b1 being foolish/silly/stupid in event/action /property (ka) b2. Cf. nu, bebna, kambebna.
lujvo n1 is a conversation involving c1(s) (mass normally, but 1 individual/jo'u possible) about topic/subject c2. Cf. nu, casnu.
lujvo n1 is order (state of being well arranged) of c1 with orderliness c2. Cf. cnici, kalsa, ganzu.