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lujvo s1=t1 is Earth science based on methodology s3. terdi2, terdi3 and saske2 subsumed. x1 is an all-embracing term for the sciences related to the planet Earth. It is arguably a special case in planetary science (=plinyske). Not limited to reductionistic science, but also embrace holistic views. See also derske.
lujvo b1=z1 sits down on surface z2. Cf. zutse, binxo, cfatse, nitytse. Simple zutse refers to the act of sitting, whereas tsebi'o means the act of becoming seated.
lujvo b1 = t1 is a tentacle / tube-shaped arm [body part] of b2. The other places of tubnu (outer and inner material of the tube) are dependant on the body with the tentacle; generally they'll just be "skin" and "blood" or "flesh" anyways. Made from tubnu and birka.
lujvo b1 is an aircraft carrier carrying b2, propelled by b3. Cf. vinji, bloti, ni'ablo, brabrajamblo, brajamblo, cmajamblo, badjamblo.
lujvo j1 is the right for z1 to do z2 (event/state). Cf. zifre, javni, selzi'e, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e, rarzi'ejva, prezi'ejva.
lujvo j1 is the right for z1 to do z2 (event/state). Cf. zifre, javni, selzi'e, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e, rarzi'ejva, prezi'ejva.
lujvo c1 (garment) is sleeveless. Cf. birtu'u, birtafpau.
lujvo s1 is a fleet (of ships). Cf. bloti, so'imei.
lujvo v1 is a morphologically defined predicate word signifying relation b2 in language v3. Derived from bridi and valsi, deleting b3, as we are speaking of the relationship independent of particular arguments. In Lojban, such words must end in a vowel and contain a consonant cluster within the first five letters (not counting y). Not all words that can be used as a selbri (for instance members of GOhA) are brivla.
lujvo n1=c1 is the night of c2 at location n3. cabycte is tonight, whether or not it is currently night yet. bavlamcte is tomorrow night, even if cabycte is still in the future. See also nicte, bavlamcte, prulamcte, cabdei.
lujvo t1 is a triangle. Cf. cibjgacmaci, cibjgataidamri.
lujvo v1 is a fuel tank. Cf. karce, matra.
lujvo g1 is Germany. Cf. dotco, gugde, gugdedu'e.
fu'ivla j1 is a quantity of crème caramel/caramel custard [jelly] of material/composition including x2.
lujvo k1 is classical. Cf. dzena, kulnu, nolzgi.
experimental cmavo mathematical ordered n-ary operator: (pointwise) functional left composition; ° Inputs must be appropriate functions; outputs a function; follow by boi in order to include arguments (producing a number). a1 ° a2 °…° a_n = a1(a2(…(a_n(•))…)). Replaces all of the inputs with a (possibly stripped, as appropriate) tuple; for replacing a single argument in a multivariate function with a function (either evaluated or not), use (partial) (e)valuation.