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fu'ivla d1 (individual, mass) dances polska to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2. The polska is a family of music and dance forms shared by the Nordic countries. Not to be confused with polka (=dansrpolka).
lujvo m1 is a marsupial mammal of species m2. Cf. daski, mabru, daskycribe, kanguru.
lujvo p1 is eiderdown/feather/plume of duck species/breed d2. Cf. datka, gunse, cipni, kicne, ranti.
lujvo c1 debate on topic/subject c2. Cf. darlu, casnu, da'asnu, simda'a, da'arsi'u, da'arta'a.
fu'ivla d1 is a peanut/earthnut/ground nut/goober pea/monkey nut/pygmy nut/pig nut from plant [legume] d2 (genus Arachis; default A. hypogaea). Despite its name and appearance, the peanut is not a nut, but rather a legume.
obsolete fu'ivla d1 is a locust bean from plant [legume] d2 (Ceratonia siliqua). Locust beans, are used as animal feed, and are the source of locust bean gum (=vikrceratonia).
fu'ivla d1 is a pea from plant [legume] of species Pisum sativum of variation/variety/cultivar d2. Yellow/Green split pea (="pelxu/crino je xadba debrpisu"). x2 could be snow pea (="la'o ly saccharatum ly"), snap pea (="la'o ly macrocarpon ly"). See also rutrpisu.
lujvo g1 is g2 inch/inches (length unit). Cf. degji, gutci, jmagutci, cibjmagutci, birgutci, minli.
lujvo du1 is the common logarithm (base 10) of du2. Synonymous to pavnondugri. See also {te'o zei dugri}, reldugri, dugri.
lujvo z1 crouches/cowers/squats on surface z2. Cf. cidytse, mipypu'i, dzibi'o, krosa'i.
lujvo b1 is a toothbrush with bristles b3. Synonymous with denbru. Cf. denjisygau, denpesxu, brulu'i.
lujvo m1 is a vibrator/vibrating device for use/function m2. not necessarily sex toy; could for example also be a "Jumping Jack" compactor; Cf. runpinji, gletci. See xremi'i for shaking machines with the purpose of mixing.
lujvo s1 (mass) is a lunch composed of dishes including s2. Cf. cersai, vacysai, dormidju, sanmi.
lujvo g1 (person/agent) corrects d1. Cf. draga'i, drari'a, draga'igau, cusku, fapro, sidju, madysku.
lujvo b1 is a parachute of type/material b2. Cf. bukfa'u, bukyvoi, vofli, santa.
lujvo z1 sits in tailor style position/agura/sukhasana on surface z2. Sits with the lower legs folded towards the body, crossing each other at the ankle or calf, with both ankles on the floor, sometimes with the feet tucked under the knees or thighs. The position is known in several European languages as tailor style.