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lujvo j1 is a bowed string instrument using bow m2. Cf. mosra, jgita, jgitrviolino, jgitrxu.
lujvo ml1 is ergot of species ml2. A fungus that grows on rye and other cereals; it contains the alkaloid ergotamine, which has hallucinogenic effects on humans and animals, and from which {LSD!en} is synthesized.
lujvo f1 is a cemetery/graveyard/burial ground for dead person(s)/animal(s) m1. Cf. morsi, mrobi'o, derse'a.
fu'ivla m1 is a quantity of/is made of/contains cocuswood/Jamaican ebony of type m2. The best known species to yield cocuswood is Brya ebenus. See also Brya (=ricrbri'a).
lujvo s1 is cosmology based on methodology s3. Cf. munje, saske, tarske, termu'eske.
lujvo n1 is the annual report of company/corporation/organization k1. Cf. nanca, kagni, notci, kagyselpo'e, kagyseldejni, prali.
lujvo cr1 is a pixie [tiny, winged mythical humanoid] of mythos/religion cr2 Cf. crida, torcrida, brabracrida, clakercrida, cmacmacrida
lujvo g1 is a carrot of variety g2. See ka'orta, gejrdauko, stagi, spati, genjrdauko.
lujvo p1 is a (ethical) vegan, not using animal products c2. See also lacto-ovo-vegetarian (=nalre'ucti), dietary vegan (=stagycti), ovo-vegetarian (=sovjvestagycti), lacto-vegetarian (=ladjvestagycti), herbivore (=spacti).
lujvo s1 is a nickel–metal hydride battery in containment s3. See also nikyjinme, jinme, cidro, dicysro.
lujvo gas1 resets/changes gal1 to a new value/content. Cf. cnino, galfi, gasnu, kraga'igau.
lujvo m1 is a crown made of m2. Cf. nobli, mapku, trumapku, nolboi, nolga'a.
lujvo s1 is a throne/ceremonial chair used by noble/aristocratic/elite/high-born/titled in/under culture/society/standard n2. Cf. nobli, stizu, trustizu.
lujvo l1 is half-naked; l1 is partly without cover/clothes/[protection]. See also: lunbe, no'e, taxfu, bandu.
lujvo l2 is blurry/indistinct/unfocused at location l3 (while L1 is explicitly elided, L4 is equally implicitly elided as being nonsensical in the absence of a physical lens) This can apply to any bodily sense, e.g, a sound may be unclear.
lujvo d1 is the common logarithm (base 10) of d2. Synonymous to dekydugri. See also {te'o zei dugri}, reldugri, dugri.