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lujvo l1 is a American lotus/yellow lotus/water-chinquapin/volée, plant/flower/herb of species/strain l2. The Linnaean binomial Nelumbo lutea (Willd.) is the currently recognized name for this species, which has been classified under the former names Nelumbium luteum and Nelumbo pentapetala, among others.
lujvo j1 is smegma of p2. Includes male and female smegma. Cf. glevi'i, pinca, karlakse, lakse.
lujvo c1 is drinking water for c2. See also djacu, pinxe, jinsa, curve, cidja.
lujvo k1 is a sheet [small nearly-2-dimensional shape/form] of paper in shape k3. See also plebo'o, pelji, karda.
fu'ivla p1 is a derris powder from derris root(s) p2. Derris root, when crushed, releases rotenone, a strong insecticide and fish poison. Derris powder was formerly used as an organic insecticide. See also derris plant (=sparderi).
lujvo t1=c1 is a double circle. The two circles have a common center. re, cukla, tarmi; cuktai
lujvo l1 is human breast milk/mother's milk from human r1. Cf. mabru, tatru, tatyji'o, cifnu.
lujvo c1 is a carnivore that eats the meat/flesh of animal r2. Cf. rectu, citka, stagycti, fi'ecti.
lujvo f1 is a forest with predominant tree species/cultivar t2. Cf. rictu'a, cicfoi, ricyci'e, mudri.
obsolete fu'ivla s1 is a cassia tree (genus Cassia) of species/strain/cultivar s2. Not to be confused with some species of genera Cinnamomum (=ricrcinamomu) and Senna (=sparsena).
fu'ivla c1 is a hob/hobbit [mythology/fantasy] of mythology c2. See also Little people [mythology] (=ridytorpre), dwarf (=torpre/ridrdverga).
lujvo v1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of rice wine from rice strain/cultivar/location r2. Cf. rismi, vanju, xalka, jikru, birje.
lujvo r1=t1 is Europe Cf. ropno, tumla, zdotu'a, bemtu'a, tcotu'a, sralytu'a, frikytu'a, ziptu'a.
lujvo t1 is a fruit tart filled with fruit g2. Cf. grute, tisna, titnanba, jupypesxu.
fu'ivla s1 is a yam bean/jícama/goiteño/ahipa edible root (genus Pachyrhizus) of species/variety s2. See also: yam bean (=sparpakirizu;plant), yam bean (=debrpakirizu;bean).
lujvo s2 is the angle/arccosine of cosine s1. Cf. sinso, tanjo, dutsinso, selsinso, seltanjo.