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lujvo t1 is a crushed tomato of species/strain t2. See also tomato sauce (=tamcysanso), tomato purée (=tamcrpasata), tomato paste (=tamcypesxu), ketchup (=sansrketcu).
lujvo s2 is the angle/arcsine of sine s1. Cf. sinso, tanjo, seltanjo, seldutsinso.
lujvo t2 is the angle/arctangent of tangent t1. Cf. sinso, tanjo, selsinso, seldutsinso.
lujvo m1=t2 is fearsome/terrifying/horrifying to t1 Cf. terpa, mutce, selte'a, terpygau.
lujvo g1=s2 masturbates/has sex without partner(s). Does not include masturbating others. Cf. xangle, xanse'agle, gletci, runpinji, desmi'i.
lujvo v1 is a cigarette/cigar smoker; v1 smokes cigarettes/cigars. Cf. sigja, vasxu. See also tankyva'u, damva'u, marnyva'u.
lujvo k1 is a multiple rocket launcher propelled by k3. Cf. so'i, jakne, karce, janjaknyxa'i, xumjimcelxa'i, gutyjamkarce, karcycelxa'i.
fu'ivla s1 is a medick/burclover (genus Medicago) of species/strain/cultivar s2 (default: Medicago sativa) Type species: alfalfa [M. sativa] (=lo'e sparmedika). The genus name is based on the Latin name for that plant, medica.
fu'ivla s1 is a walking iris/Apostle's iris (genus Neomarica) of species/strain/cultivar s2. Neomarica is closely related to the genus Trimezia (=spartrimezi'a; the same common english names are used for both genera.
fu'ivla s1 is a yam bean/jícama/goiteño/ahipa plant (genus Pachyrhizus) of species/strain/cultivar s2. See also: yam bean (=debrpakirizu; bean), yam bean (=samcrpakirizu; edible root).
fu'ivla s1 is a clover/trefoil (genus Trifolium) of species/strain/cultivar s2. Shamrock (=citno spartrifoli;sparcemro). Four-leaf clover (=pezvonmei/fungau spartrifoli).
lujvo c1 is a vegetarian that eats vegetables s3. Cf. stagi, citka, re'ucti, fi'ecti.
fu'ivla s1 is a/the stem of plant/species s2 (genus Cirsium). The young stems of C. oleraceum are edible, and cultivated for food in Japan and India. Certain species of Cirsium have been traditionally used as food in rural areas of Southern Europe.
lujvo k1 is crystalline carbon (default diamond) in form/arrangement k3 from tabno krili c.f. jemna tabjme kunra
fu'ivla t1 is a Campari tomato/tomato-on-the-vine (TOV) of variety/strain t2. Camparis are deep red and larger than a cherry tomato, but smaller and rounder than a plum tomato.
fu'ivla t1 is a quantity of tomato purée of tomato variety/cultivar t2. See also tomato sauce (=tamcysanso), crushed tomato (=selmaxtamca), tomato paste (=tamcypesxu), ketchup (=sansrketcu).