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lujvo x1 is an x2 by x3 vector array/matrix of vectors x4, x5, x6... See also jo'i, pi'a, sa'i
fu'ivla x1 swindles x2 into state/event x3 by promising x4; x1 commits 419/advance fee fraud. generally x1 is Nigerian, but may be in another country; see also tcica
lujvo x1 = j1 grasps/holds/hugs x2 = j2 with x1's arms, at locus x3 = j4. See also pamjai.
lujvo x1=r1jai} (concrete) dries x2=s1 of liquid x3=s2 with event x4=r_{fai}. See sudga, cilmo, rinka
lujvo x1=v1 influences the power dynamics of situation x2=v3 towards end x3=v2 through means of influence x4. From vlipa, xlura.
lujvo x1 (nu) is an event in which x2 teaches x3 facts x4 (du'u) about x5 by means x6; x1 is a lesson given by x2 to x3. See also ctuca. This lujvo is regular.
lujvo x1=l1 is a time traveller travelling over time interval x2=l2=t1 from x3=t2 to x4=t3 with time machine/time travel device x5=l3 cf. temci, litru
lujvo x1=d1=sk1 is a role-playing game/ RPG/ LARP or dramatic/ acting game played by performer(s)/ player(s) x2=d5=sk2 about x3=d2 created by author/ company x4=d3 for audience x5=d4 . Audience defaults to the players themselves. See also draci, kelci, dracykei.
lujvo x1=j1=k1 approaches x2=j2=k2 from x3=k3 via route x4=k4 by means of transportation x5=k5. Cf. jibni, klama, jbibi'o, jbize'a.
lujvo x1=d1=k1 is a role-player / player of role playing game / RPG / LARP or dramatic / acting game x2=d5=k2 about x3=d2 created by author/ company x4=d3 for audience x5=d4. Audience defaults to the players themselves. See also draci, kelci, dracyselkei.
lujvo x1=s1=k1 drives x2=s2=k5 to x3=k2 from x4=k3 via route x5=k4 Used to specify agentive operation of the transportation vehicle, as opposed to simply being carried by it. See also sazri, klama, ma'ekla
lujvo x1=c4=m1 graduates/completes coursework from x2=c1 at location x3=c2 in subject matter x4=c3, by the standards of the administration x5=c5=m3 This is really a dropped SE of velkulmu'o. m2 is the implied "property of learning at c2 subject matter c3 from school c1"
lujvo g1=b1 is a carpet/rug for covering floor g2=l1 of x3=l2, of type/material x4=b2. Cf. lolgai.
lujvo z1=f1 (action) is easier than z2 (action) for x3=f2 (agent) by amount z4 under conditions x5=f3.
lujvo p1 (agent) buries/puts underground p2=c1 under surface x3=c2=l1 of x4=l2. Cf. lolni'a, derse'a.
lujvo x1=k1 is a hole in x2=k2=p2 to/between x3=p3 from/and x4=p4 permitting passage by x5=p1. pagre + kevna. Precisely, x2 is the barrier, x3 is the inside, and x4 is the outside, if distinguishable; loosely, x2 might be given as the object consisting of both the barrier and the inside.