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lujvo g1 shuffles/randomly distributes/cuts x2=f1 among x3=f2 with shares/portions x4=f3. Cf. cunfai, karda, kelci.
lujvo r1 (event/state) compacts/compresses/concentrates/packs/condenses x2=d1 in property x3=d2 (ka) at location/locus x4=d3. Cf. lunsa.
lujvo x1=g3 is a torch illuminating g2 with fuel x3=f2 reacting with oxydizer x4=f3 (default air/oxygen). Cf. dictergu'i, laktergu'i.
lujvo r1 (event/state) increases/increments/augments x2=z1 in property/quantity x3=z2 by amount x4=z3. Cf. zengau.
lujvo x1=j1=c1 is a rule permitting/allowing x2=j2=c2 (event/state) within system/community x3=j3 under conditions x4=c3 The use of c1 there is perhaps a bit iffy; the point here is that it's non-agentive.
gismu rafsi: jbe x1 is born to x2 at time x3 [birthday] and place x4 [birthplace]; x1 is native to (fo) x4. x2 bears/gives birth to x1; also x3: natal day. See also fange, gutra, rorci, mamta, salci, citsi.
gismu rafsi: jvi x1 competes/vies with opponent x2 in contest/competition x3 (event) for gain x4; x1 rivals x2. Also x2 opponent(s), competitor(s), rival(s); x3 competition, race; x4 prize, reward, recognition (gain may be internal or external). See also cnemu, jinga, talsa, bradi, fapro, kelci.
lujvo x1 (agent) elaborates on x2 [explains x2 in more detail] to audience x3 with description x4 x1=skicu_1=jmina_1, x2=skicu_2=jmina_3=tcila_2, x3=skicu_3, x4=skicu_4=jmina_2=tcila_1.
lujvo x1=j1 is an office desk/counter of material x2=j2, in office x3=b1 of worker x4=b2 at location x5=b3. Cf. briju jubme. A table where transaction are made.
lujvo x1=d1 knows everything about x2=d3 by epistemology x3=d4; x1=d1 is omniscient about matter(s) x2=d3. See also ro, djuno
lujvo x1=j1 (event/state) is the meteorological result of sudden weather change from previous weather/weather conditions x2=j2 (event/state) at location/region x3=t2, discontinuous/sharp at point x4=s2, in (more specific) aspect/process/function x5=s3
lujvo x1=n1=c5 is a lecture / an event of verbal teaching by x2=t1=c1 to audience x3=t2=c2 about subject x4=t3=c4 in language x5=t4 with facts taught x6=c3. Cf. ctuca, nu, tavla, ckule, cilre.
gismu rafsi: nag x1 is a nut [body-part: hard-shelled fruit] from plant/species x2 with shell x3 and kernel x4. Also x4 nucleus, center (= velnarge for place reordering). See also grute, stagi, jbari, midju.
gismu x1 liquid/fluid drains/strains/flushes from source x2 through drain/strainer x3 by force x4. x4 is usually gravity. See also pambe, tisna, setca, flecu, muvdu, ganxo, rirxe.
gismu rafsi: sfe x1 is surface/face [bounded shape/form] of [higher-dimension] object x2, on side x3, edges x4. Also x4 bounds. See also crane, flira, plita, bliku.
lujvo x1=c1 (parser/interpreter) produces formal result x2=c2 from symbolic/formal manipulation of text string x3 according to rules x4