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lujvo x1=k1=vr4 is a stored-value/gift/pre-paid card with stored value x2=va1=vr1 for usage x3=va4=p4, accepted by payee/merchant x4=va3=p3 Mustn't be associated with account debit/credit since value is pre-set (and stored wherever). Normally anonymous/without cardholder. Cf. lejykarda, baxydinkarda, jitseldejykarda, detseldejykarda, maksriveikarda, lejykardymi'i, jdini.
lujvo x1 plows, removing x2 from x3 using tool x4 and oxen x5. Cf. bakplixa, cange, foldi, ba'ostu.
lujvo x1 is a professor teaching audience x2 ideas/methods/lore x3 (du'u) about subject(s) x4 by method x5 (event). Cf. balcu'e, balkultadni.
gismu rafsi: cli x1 learns x2 (du'u) about subject x3 from source x4 (obj./event) by method x5 (event/process). See also ctuca, tadni, djuno, ckule.
gismu rafsi: kul cu'e x1 is school/institute/academy at x2 teaching subject(s) x3 to audien./commun. x4 operated by x5. Also college, university. See also cilre, ctuca, tadni.
lujvo x1 makes x2 vary in property x3 in amount x4 under conditions x5 See cenba, gasnu
gismu rafsi: cko x1 soaks up/absorbs/sucks up x2 from x3 into x4; x1 is an absorbant. See also panje, sakci, lacpu.
gismu x1 broadcasts/transmits [using radio waves] x2 via station/frequency x3 to [radio] receiver x4. Also x1 is a broadcaster. See also tivni, benji, tcana.
lujvo x1 edits/revises/adapts text x2 by x3 for audience x4 in medium x5. Cf. cusku, kurji, sa'a.
gismu rafsi: dej x1 owes x2 in debt/obligation to creditor x3 in return for x4 [service, loan]; x1 is a debtor. See also jbera, janta, zivle.
gismu x1 translates text/utterance x2 to language x3 from language x4 with translation result x5. See also cusku, bangu. traduki is similar but has a different place structure.
fu'ivla x1 (brivla/selbri) is used by place x2 (number/me'o+FA+bu) being filled with (a description of / symbol for) x3, in the usage of x4, according to rule(s) x5.
lujvo x1 (object/person) is unimportant/not crucial/doesn't matter to x2 in aspect x3 under circumstances/in instance (in which x1 participates) x4=v_f cf. jai, na'e, and vajni
lujvo x1 pretends to be/do x2 (ka) in order for x3 to falsely believe untruth x4 (du'u), false by standard/epistemology/metaphysics x5
fu'ivla x1 is a washer of material x2, inside diameter x3, outer diameter x4, and thickness x5 See also klupe.
lujvo x1 tells/makes known to x2 fact(s) x3 (du'u) about subject x4 by epistemology x5. See also djuno gasnu