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experimental gismu x1 is the subtraction-difference of x2 and x3 (and x4 etc.); x1 = x2 - x3 [ - x4 etc.] Near-synonymous to selsumji, but better conveys the concept of "subtraction", as opposed to merely "addend", as well as being more convenient for lujvo. See vu'u, sumji, pilji, dilcu, frinu. Proposed rafsi: -vuj-, -vu'u-
lujvo c1=p3 (agent) comments/remarks on/observes c2=p1 about subject x3=p2 to audience x4=c3=p4 via expressive medium x5=c5. Cf. zgana, ga'a, za'a, retsku.
lujvo g1 causes event x1 which injures/harms/damages victim x2 in property x3 (ka) resulting in injury x4 (state). Made from xrani + gasnu.
lujvo x1=s1 is a bank clerk of a bank x2=b1=s2 owned by/in banking system x3=b2 for banking function(s) x4=b3 (event). banxa se jibri
lujvo x1=p1 is the t(h)alweg (path following the deepest points along the course) in/of/belonging to geographical/hydrological/potential feature x2=c1=t1 from x3=p2 to x4=p3 "Potential" in the definition refers to the scalar field, a sense used in physics.
lujvo s1=g1 is the reputation of c1 for c2 (ka) known/imagined by s2=g2 (mass) From gubni si'o ckaji. In English, usually 'x1 is the reputation for x3 that x2 has with x4'.
lujvo x1=f2=j1 easily understands fact(s) x2=j2 about x3=j3 under conditions of ease x4=f3. Composed of jimpe, frili. Completely jvajvo. See also jmifrili.
lujvo x1=j1 is an employment of / a job held by x2=j2=p2 who is employed by x3=p1 for purpose x4=p3. See also pilno, jibri.
fu'ivla x1 is a chemise/shift/smock of material x2. Usually women's undergarments and dresses. cmeize for type 4. Cf. taxfu.
li bi pilji li re li vo
8 = 4 x 2.
lujvo cu1=cl1 shouts cu2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) for audience cu3 via expressive medium cu4, loudly by standard x5=cl3. Cf. laurba'u, smasku, smaba'u.
lujvo s1=p1 hypothesizes s2=p2 to audience s3 about subject/concept x4=p2. Cf. pensi, stidi, je'urja'o.
gismu rafsi: ctu x1 teaches audience x2 ideas/methods/lore x3 (du'u) about subject(s) x4 by method x5 (event). Also instruct, instructor, educate, educator, teacher, professor, pedagogue; (adjective:) x1/x5 is pedagogical. See also ckule, cilre, tadni.
gismu rafsi: min x1 adds/combines x2 to/with x3, with result x4; x1 augments x2 by amount x3. See also zmadu, banro, sumji, zenba, setca.
fu'ivla x1 is exactly x2 (number) of the arguments x3, x4, x5, etc. x2 is the number of arguments; each argument may contain more than one object, but x2 is only concerned with the number of arguments. See menrece
lujvo x1 expresses/transmits symbol/meaningful expression x2 for audience x3 by doing x4 (ternary relation between x1, x2 and x3) See also smusku, cusku, sinxa, smuni.