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gismu rafsi: tau x1 is a binary metaphor formed with x2 modifying x3, giving meaning x4 in usage/instance x5. (x2 and x3 are both text or both si'o concept) See also gismu, smuni.
lujvo x1=g1=c2 renovates/renews/updates x2=c1, making it new in property x3=c3 by standard x4=c4. In a computer context, a tag such as se la'u or a tanru involving va'e can be used to indicate a version number.
gismu rafsi: ci'e x1 (mass) is a system interrelated by structure x2 among components x3 (set) displaying x4 (ka). x1 (or x3) is synergistic in x4; also network; x2 also relations, rules; x3 also elements (set completely specified); x4 systemic functions/properties. See also cmavo list ci'e, cmima, girzu, gunma, stura, tadji, munje, farvi, ganzu, judri, julne, klesi, morna, tcana.
lujvo x1 (event) hurts/damages the respect/high regard/esteem for x2=s2 held by by s1 with result x4 (state). Cf. sinma, xrani.
lujvo t1=x1 is the worst among set/range t4 for x2 by standard x3. Cf. xlali, traji, xlamau.
lujvo z1=s1 is a consonant sound with manner of articulation x2, place of articulation x3, and phonation x4. Additional features include voice onset time, airstream mechanism, length, and articulatory force. Cf. zunti, sance.
lujvo x1 is a TV/television set/telly with screen/monitor x2=v1 and television receiver x3=t4. Synonymous to ti'ivni. See also television screen (=tivyvidni).
gismu rafsi: gaz x1 organizes x2 [relative chaos] into x3 [ordered/organized result] by system/principle(s) x4. x3 is also a system; x4 could be merely a function which inherently serves to dictate the organizational structure of x3. See also ciste, morna, stura, bilni, cabra.
gismu rafsi: mri x1 mails/posts [transfer via intermediary service] x2 to recipient address x3 from mailbox/post office/sender address x4 by carrier/network/system x5. Also x4 post office, mailbox. (cf. benji In which the medium need not be a 3rd party service/system, and x2 need not consist of discrete units. notci, xatra, tcana)
gismu rafsi: ri'i x1 is a rite/ceremony/ritual for purpose/goal x2, by custom/in community x3, with form/rules x4. [also: x1 is formal, Legal. x1 is 'going through the motions']; x4 constraints/customs; See also lijda, malsi, flalu, javni, tcaci, clite, junri.
lujvo x1=t1=s1 acts like/pretends to be fictional/imaginary character x2=t2=s2=xa1=p1 imaginary to x3=xa2, in property/way x4=s3 under conditions x5=t3. See also xanri, prenu, simsa, tarti.
lujvo k1=p4 is an illustrated magazine/journal with content k2=p1 published by k3 for audience k4.
lujvo x1=g1 (agent) marks x3=b2 with mark(s) x2=b1 of material x4=b3. Cf. barna, gasnu, tcita, pandi
lujvo x1=k1 exits/goes out/outside from x2=k2=b1 with route x3=k3 with transportation method x4. Omitted: x5 = klama2 (destination) = bartu1 (something external). Cf. bartu, klama, zevykla.
fu'ivla x1=d1=c1 is a sword / long knife weapon for use against x2=d2 by x3 with blade of material x4=d3 zi'evla-shortening of cladakyxa'i. Cf. clani, dakfu, xarci, baldakyxa'i.
lujvo x1=ga1 rolls object x2=gu1 on/against surface x3=gu2, with axis/ axle of rotation x4=gu3. See also gunro, gasnu, cu'arkubli.