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gismu rafsi: cne x1 varies/changes in property/quantity x2 (ka/ni) in amount/degree x3 under conditions x4. Non-resultative, not-necessarily causal change. (cf. cenba which is non-resultative, galfi which is resultative and causal, stika which is non-resultative and causal; stodi, zasni, binxo)
lujvo x1 finds fault/flaw x2 in x3 (object/action), of which the flaw causes x4 See cfila, facki
lujvo x1 is an alarm clock measuring time units x2 to precision x3 with timing mechanism/method x4. cikna, junla, jdesna
fu'ivla x1 is a mathematical structure defined on underlying structure/set/parts x2 with properties/rules x3 in mathematics x4 Includes algebraic structures such as magmas, etc.
lujvo x1 is a village in administrative area x3 serving hinterland x4 small by standard x5. Cf. cmalu, tcadu, sosyzda, jarbu.
lujvo x1 quits/stops/aborts waiting/pausing for/until x2 at state x3 and starts/continues with x4 (activity/process). The pause waiting is not completed. See co'u, denpa.
gismu rafsi: par x1 climbs/clambers/creeps/crawls on surface x2 in direction x3 using x4 [limbs/tools]. See also klama, litru, bajra, farlu, plipe.
gismu rafsi: rip x1 is a bridge/span over/across x2 between x3 and x4 [unordered, typically destination first]. See also bargu, kruca, ragve, kuspe.
gismu rafsi: tek ce'i x1 is a tax/levy/duty on goods/services/event x2 levied against x3 by authority/collector x4. Also custom, toll, tariff, tribute. See also pleji, flalu, turni.
lujvo x1 is a calendar with rules x2, days/weeks/months/years x3, and properties x4. e.g. Gregorian calendar, Hebrew calendar; see detcartu
gismu rafsi: dil x1 is a cloud/mass of clouds of material x2 in air mass x3 at floor/base elevation x4. See also carvi, tcima.
gismu rafsi: dra x1 is correct/proper/right/perfect in property/aspect x2 (ka) in situation x3 by standard x4. See also srera, mapti.
gismu x1 is a function/single-valued mapping from domain x2 to range x3 defined by expression/rule x4. See also mekso, bridi.
gismu rafsi: fro x1 is a fork/fork-type tool/utensil for purpose x2 with tines/prongs x3 on base/support x4. See also dakfu, smuci, komcu, tutci.
gismu rafsi: fuk fu'i x1 is a copy/replica/duplicate/clone of x2 in form/medium x3 made by method x4 (event). See also krefu, rapli, gidva.; Borrowing (=fu'ivla).
lujvo x1 (event) is an illusion that deceives/tricks x2 into sensing x3 using sense x4 under conditions x5 Use jai gastcica for objects; ganse tcica; prugastcica, narprugastcica.