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gismu rafsi: rim x1 rhymes/alliterates with x2 in language/phonetics x3, matching sound correspondence x4 (ka). Broad meaning of rhyme - any matching sound correspondence. See also pemci, sanga.
fu'ivla x1 is an extremely large rocky planet/terrestrial planet/'Godzilla Earth'/'mega-Earth'/'giga-Earth'/'deca-Earth'/Kepler-10c-like rocky planet, revolving around x2 with planetary characteristics (possibly including rock composition) x3 and orbital parameters x4
lujvo x1 is local train that stops every station of cars/units x2 (mass) for rails/system/railroad x3, propelled by x4. See: ro, denpa, trene.
lujvo x1 is writing / a written thing / written text written by x2 on x3 with writing implement x4. Made from se + ciska. See also seltcidu, lerseltcidu.
cmavo-compound tamsmi modal, 2nd place similarly; resembling ... (in ideal form). tamsmi is x1 resembles x2 sharing ideal form/shape x3 in property x4
fu'ivla x1 is a set (mathematical) consisting of elements x2, x3, x4, etc. See setmima, ce, porsice, gunmace, menrece
gismu rafsi: si'i x1 is a coin/token/is specie issued by x2 having value x3 of composition including x4. See also fepni, jdini, rupnu.
lujvo x1 compares x2 (set/plurality) in property x3 (ka), determining x4 (du'u/state) simxu + karbi. karbi_2 and karbi_3 are combined into simkarbi_2.
gismu rafsi: ski x1 tells about/describes x2 (object/event/state) to audience x3 with description x4 (property). See also lisri, tavla.
lujvo x1 assigns symbol/variable x2 to value/referent x3 for observer x4. See also sinxa, gasnu
gismu x1 (agent) polishes object/surface x2 with polish x3, applied using tool x4. See also mosra, sraku, xutla.
gismu rafsi: put pu'u x1 spits/expectorates x2 [predominantly liquid] from x3 to/onto x4. Saliva/spit/sputum/spittle (= molselpu'u). See also jetce, kafke, vamtu.
gismu rafsi: sre x1 errs in doing/being/making mistake x2 (event), an error under conditions x3 by standard x4. (cf. drani, which is non-agentive, cfila, fliba)
fu'ivla x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of terracotta made by x2, of composition x3, in form/shape x4. Cf. staku.
lujvo x1 is a pro-sumti/pronoun representing x2 as argument of predicate/function x3 filling place x4. See also sumti, krati
gismu rafsi: tag x1 is snug/tight on x2 in dimension/direction x3 at locus x4. See also trati, jarki, kluza, rinju.