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gismu rafsi: ri'e x1 is a river of land mass x2, draining watershed x3 into x4/terminating at x4. (cf. flecu, senta for most metaphorical aspects; daplu, djacu, lalxu, xamsi, rinci, naxle)
fu'ivla x1 in activity/state x2 exhibits gender/sex x3 (ka) by standard x4 according to judge x5; x5 genders x1 as x3. See also cinse, fetsi, nakni, nanla, nanmu, ninmu, nixli. x4 could be gender identity, gender presentation, social role, legal sex, chromosomal sex, anatomical sex, etc.
gismu rafsi: la'a x1 (agent) fastens/connects/attaches/binds/lashes x2 to x3 with fastener x4. No implication that result is considered a single object; although x2 and x3 may be reversible, x3 may be used for the substrate, the fixed/larger object to which x2 becomes attached. See also jorne, fenso, jgena, batke, dinko, kansa.
gismu rafsi: rai x1 is superlative in property x2 (ka), the x3 extreme (ka; default ka zmadu) among set/range x4. Also: x1 is x3-est/utmost in x2 among x4; x1 is the x3 end of x4; x1 is extreme; x1 is simply x3. (cf. cmavo list rai, jimte, milxe, mutce, note contrast with milxe and mutce rather than with mleca and zmadu, which are values for x3, banli, curve, fanmo, krasi, manfo, prane)
fu'ivla x1 is a file compiled from sources / resources x2 by compiler x3. True fu'ivla, borrowing "compile". Contextual type-4 kompili. The x1 can be used to refer to binaries or other compiled files.
lujvo p1 is an electroencephalogram of animal b2 drawn by p3 in medium p4
lujvo c1=f1 smiles at f3 under conditions f4.
lujvo t1 talks on the phone to t2 about t3 in language t4.
lujvo d1 is a building housing school c1 teaching subject c3 to audience c4.
lujvo m1 is a bicycle/motorcycle carrying m2 on surface m3, propelled by m4.
lujvo p1 is an electrocardiogram of animal r2 drawn by p3 in medium p4
lujvo d1 means/intends to say c2 to c3 via medium c4.
lujvo p1 regularly pays salary p2 to p3 for goods/services p4.
lujvo p1 is a silhouette of f1 made by p3 in medium p4.
lujvo z1 spies/snoops on z2 using senses/means z3 under conditions z4.
lujvo m1 is m2 square kilometers on side / facing m3 by standard m4.