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experimental gismu x1 searches network or collection of information/data/facts, etc. (especially the Internet) for information on topic/quote x2 using service/tool/search resource/function x3 provided by (host, company, etc.) x4 with accessed information sources (websites, network, documents, books, etc.) x5. x3 is a search engine that provides information/resource/output on topic/query x2 by way of organized and (semi-)automated/quick information search through many providers/sources of information including x5, with search service provided by x4 and provided to/used by/accessible to (potential or actual) user x1 (who does not actually perform the initial search/sorting/recruiting of information). x4 is a search engine service provider able to present search results via service/tool x3. Key word search, academic search, picture search, video search, map search, etc. can be expressed by x3; the algorithm and other means of searching through, organizing and ranking, and presenting the massive amount of information (provided by x5) may likewise be expressed by x3 (in brief). The creation and/or use of this word does not endorse Google or any other search engine service provider. Proposed short rafsi form: –gul–. See also: valfa
fu'ivla For mo'e x4 x in x1 there exist mo'e x5 y in x2 such that x me'au x3 y; for mo'e x6 y in x2 there exist mo'e x7 x in x1 such that x me'au x3 y. Cf. me'au, mo'e. Somewhat supercedes rolsixu, in that rolsixu is namcixu for x4=x6=li ro, x5=x7=li su'o.
lujvo b1 is a gas cylinder [closable container for gas] made of material b3 with lid b4.
lujvo c1=t1 is the earliest among set / range t4.
lujvo p1 is a question about a number, asked by p3 to p4.
lujvo j1=c4 is a radio clock receiving the time from broadcaster/radio transmitter c1.
gismu x1 parallels x2 differing only in property x3 (ka; jo'u/fa'u term) by standard/geometry x4. Also: x1 is parallel to x2, x3 is the only difference between x1 and x2 (= terpanra for reordered places); x1 and x2 are alike/similar/congruent. A parallel involves extreme close similarity/correspondence across the entirety of the things being compared, generally involving multiple properties, with focus placed on one or a small number of differences. See also pa'a, mintu, simsa, girzu, vrici.
gismu rafsi: len le'o x1 is a lens/glass [focussing shape/form] focussing x2 to focus/foci x3 by means/material x4. (adjective:) x1 is optical; focussing may be optical or otherwise, hence x2 which may be light, sound, X-ray, etc., default is light/optical lens; ka is refraction. See also kacma, minra.
lujvo x1=t1 is a pipe/tube/hose carrying fluid x2=f2=t3 towards x3=f3 from x4=f4 (direction/source) Fluid is any flowable matter (gas, liquid, slurry, powder etc.). Cf. jaurflevau, datnyfle, blutu'u, tubnu, pambe, litki, gapci, bumru, danmo, purmo, pulce, sligu.
lujvo x1=z1=s1 is a zmico that functions as a pro-sumti which references specified default value x2=z2 (definition/function) that works with discourse-orientation x3=z3 (discourse exterior/interior), filling terbri of brivla/predicate x4=s2, in language x5=z5; x1 is a default-value-referencing pro-sumti with definition/function/value x2 zmico is an experimental gismu. See also: zmico, zicysu'i, gafyzmico.
lujvo c1 is a bridge to the beyond across c2 between c3=b3 and c4=b1. Poetic coining.
lujvo n1=b2 is a spoken/uttered message about subject n2 uttered by n3=b1 to intended audience n4.
lujvo m1 is an antenna emitting/receiving wave b2=m2 with wave-form b3, wave-length b4 and frequency b5.
lujvo m1 is a doctor for animal m2=d1 of species d2 for ailment m3 using treatment m4.
lujvo b1 is a waiter, carrying food c1=b2 to b3 from b4 over path b5.