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lujvo fr1=fi1 dedicates invention/creation/composition/work fr2=fi2 to fr3 with conditions fr4.
lujvo t1 is a thermometer used for measuring temperature m2=g1 as m3 units on scale m4 with accuracy m5
lujvo c2 is a prayer of believer c1=l2 for deity c3 in medium c4 according to religion l3.
lujvo mit1=mil1 is mit2=mil1 (one by default) millimeter(s) in length measured in direction mit3 by standard mit4.
lujvo s1=m4 is an echo of sound m2=s2, reflected by m1 and heard by m3.
lujvo j1 hugs/embraces j2 with j3 (part of j1) at locus j4 (part of j2).
lujvo t1 is a manner of expression of c1, saying c2 to c3 via medium c4 under conditions t3.
gismu rafsi: kla x1 comes/goes to destination x2 from origin x3 via route x4 using means/vehicle x5. Also travels, journeys, moves, leaves to ... from ...; x1 is a traveller; (x4 as a set includes points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly). See also cadzu, bajra, marce, vofli, litru, muvdu, cpare, cmavo list ka'a, pluta, bevri, farlu, limna, vitke.
lujvo x1=p1=c1 is a noodle/pasta/boiled dough eaten by x2=c2 made out of x3=p2 (normally grain(s) or legume(s)) which is boiled in x4=f1 (normally water) at temperature x5=f2 and pressure x6=f3 See also febjukpa, grupesxu. luvjo from pesxu, febvi, cidja. Not very jvajvo, but it works.
lujvo x1 =g1 (agent) petrifies/turns/'freezes'/fossilizes x2=b1 into rock/fossil/statue x3=r1=b2 (result) of rock composition x4=r2 and at/from location x5=r3 under conditions x6=b3. Useful for Gorgons/Medusa/Basilisks. x2 need not be a victim and need not die (animation may be suspended, for example) nor be permanently petrified. Petrification must be agentive. The process/mechanism of petrification is not specified and may be natural or magical (etc.). See also: ro'irbi'o.
fu'ivla x1 (object, event, string, etc.; anything toggleable with x2-many states) represents a bit/shannon/trit/nat (information unit) of logarithmic base x2 (default: 2) where states x3 (ordered list) respectively represent bit states x4 (ordered list; same length as x3) Examples for binary bits (x1 when x2 = 2): a 0-xor-1 string of length one, a coin flip, the toggleable states of an electrical switch, the direction that a car drives down a road, etc.
gismu rafsi: bud x1 is x2 (def. 1) local weight unit(s) [non-metric], standard x3, subunits [e.g. ounces] x4. (additional subunit places may be added as x5, x6, ...); See also grake, junta, tilju, rupnu, fepni, dekpu, gutci, minli, merli, kramu.
gismu rafsi: ci'a x1 inscribes/writes x2 on display/storage medium x3 with writing implement x4; x1 is a scribe. Also x3 writing surface. See also papri, penbi, pinsi, tcidu, xatra, pixra, prina, finti for 'author' or specific authorial works, barna, pinka.
gismu rafsi: cku x1 is a book containing work x2 by author x3 for audience x4 preserved in medium x5. [x1 is a manifestation/container A physical object or its analogue. of a work/content, not necessarily using paper (= selpapri)]; See also cfika, prina, prosa, tcidu, papri.
gismu rafsi: jai x1 grasps/holds/clutches/seizes/grips/[hugs] x2 with x3 (part of x1) at locus x4 (part of x2). Hug (= birjai, pamjai); handshake (= xanjaisi'u); hold with hands (= xanjai); handle (= jaitci). See also ralte, pencu, darxi, batke, rinju.
gismu x1 is x2 local area unit(s) [non-metric] (default 1) by standard x3, x4 subunits. (additional subunit places may be added as x5, x6, ...); See also rupnu, fepni, dekpu, gutci, minli, merli, bunda.