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lujvo x1=p1=m1 hides/conceals x2=p2 from x4=m3 on/at surface/locus x3=p3=m1, the location being kept secret by method x5=m4.
lujvo t1 kneels on surface t2 on limb c2=x3 of body c3=x4.
lujvo c1 (agent) allows the use of p2 for use x3=p3 under conditions x4=c3.
lujvo x1=p1 is a network route/path to node x2=p2=t1 from node x3=p3=t1 via points/nodes x4=p4 within transport/communication/distribution system/network x5=t2. Unusual in that t1 appears more than once. x4 is also really a set of t1s. See also tcana, pluta
lujvo x1 is measured in x2 (default 1) bit-groups, each consisting of x3 bits of logarithmic base x4 See bitni, baitni. // x4 = bitni3
lujvo x1=c1 is a bow/crossbow/ballista for shooting ammunition x2=c2 [arrow/quarrel/crossbow bolt] by flexing and releasing bow/prod/lath x3=g1 of material x6=g3, to whose two ends are tied bow string x4=g2=s1 of material x5=s2. To be clear, the launch mechanism is as follows: x4 is pulled so as to bend x3, while x2 is placed on x4, and x4 is released, causing x3 to snap back into its normal shape, launching x2 as it does so.
fu'ivla x1 is a spray aerosol of suspended substance/composition x2 in pressurized container x3 delivered under propulsion x4 (gas suspending the spray; pressure, temperature characteristics; etc.) through nozzle system x5; x5 is an atomizer/nebulizer/sprayer that delivers x1 by/under (force) x4 from container/source x2.
lujvo x1=k1 is a spokesperson of/speaks on behalf of x2=k2=c1, saying x3=c2 to x4=c3 via expressive medium x5=c4. cf. cusku, krati, cmavo list ka'i
lujvo x1=b1 is a vacuum/cryogenic flask for keeping x2=b2 hot/cold, made of material x3=b3 with lid x4=b4, insulated by low pressure medium x5=sa2=se3 Cf. botpi, vasru
lujvo x1=c1=s1 responds to x2=s2 by expressing/saying x3=c2 to x4=c3 via expressive medium x5=c4. cf. cusku, spuda.
lujvo x1=l1 is a dictionary with words x2=l2=v1 in order x3=l3, medium x4=l4, and language x5=v3. See also: valsi, liste
fu'ivla x1 is aware that x1 can be in relation x4 with all of x3 (plural) and choose to be in relation x4 with x2 (which is among x3) To summarize, "x1 chooses x2 out of set x3 to do/have relationship x4 (binary ka)". See also cuxna
lujvo x1=g1 works on x2=g2 with goal/purpose x3=g3 which is associated to school x4=c1 at x5=c2 teaching subject(s) x6=c3 to audience/community x7=c4 (of which x1 is a part) operated by x8=c5 The x2 could be homework, c.f. zdakemkulgu'a.
lujvo x1=m1=n1 is x2=m2=n2 ångström(s) (Å) [length unit] in length (default 1) measured in direction x3=m3=n3 by standard x4=m3.
lujvo n1=z1=x1 is sexually deviant/perverted in activity/state n2=x2 in property z3=n3=x3 to person/by reference point z2=n4=x4; x1 is sexually perverted cf. cinse, cizra
lujvo di1 is a theater for performing plays with theme di2=dr2 for audience x3=dr4 with actors x4=dr5. Cf. tsina, tigni.