lojbo jufsisku
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lujvo d1 is a mailbag with letter(s) d2=xa1, and of material d3. Any bag with at least one letter in it counts as mailbag here.
lujvo j1=xa2 competes with opponent j2 in sport/athletics j3 for gain j4=p3. Cf. zajba, bajyjvi, boltipyjvi, karcyplijvi.
lujvo j1 is a bracelet adorning j2=xa1=c1. Bracelets are used not only for fashion but also for medical and identification purposes, such as allergy bracelets and hospital patient-identification tags. Cf. jadni.
lujvo g1=s1=xa2 fist-fucks/performs fisting on g2 in opening s3. Cf. bolxa'e, gaxygle.
fu'ivla x1 (event/state) is in the sixth month/June of a year x2 in system x3. lo masnxa = lo se ma'irdetri be li xa. See also detri, detke'u, masti; masnpa, masnre, masnci, masnvo, masnmu, masnze, masnbi, masnso, masndau, masnfei, masngai, masnjau, masnrei or masnxei, masnvai.
lujvo xa2=b1=m1 is adolescent/pubescent/in puberty/maturing in physical/bodily development-quality m2 (ka). Cf. xadni, binxo, makcu, bixma'u, bavyfarvi, citnau. Between prepubescent child and post-pubescent adult.