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experimental cmavo they.(repeat >1 preceding sumti) repeats two or more preceding sumti, not one plural sumti
re xai jmive
Both are alive.
mi pacna lo nu tu'a xai na tcica mi
I hope they aren't deceiving me.
lujvo x1 =gau1 (agent) brings about/performs act of sexually violent harm x2=gau2=xai1=v1 against victim x3=xai2=gle2 in aspect x4=xai3 (ka) inflicting harm/result x5=xai4 (state).
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''xai'' (Kaimbé). See also bangu
experimental cmavo vocative: slightly piratical greetings See also xai, coi, co'oi, o'ai. This is an u'ivla from "ahoy".
gismu rafsi: xai x1 (event) injures/harms/damages victim x2 in property x3 (ka) resulting in injury x4 (state). Also hurts. See also cortu, daspo, spofu, katna, porpi.
lujvo x1=g1 sexually violates/harms/rapes/violates the sexual rights of victim x2=g2=xai2=k2, violation by sexual activity (sex used as a weapon/means of harm), in property x3=xai3 (ka) by resulting in injury x4=xai4 (state), violating right x5=k1 (event) which is morally/legally guaranteed but actually violated under standards x6=k3. Violated right k1 (event) may be implied by x4. The harm/violation must be by sexual activity (what one would consider gletu) and must be sexual in nature. Need not be violent. Harm may not be physical or even psychological/mental/emotional; it need only be a 'harm to one's rights' (in other words, a violation of loi krali). krali is an experimental gismu. The mutual symmetry of gle1 and gle2 is lost/broken by the harmer-victim relationship enforced by this word (and, specifically, xai1 and xai2=k2). See also: glexai, xaigle, vilgle, glevlile, glevilxaigau, glekrali, glecu'akrali, glekralyxai, kralyxai.