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mi xanka lo nu do kanro se la'u ma kau
I am concerned for your health.
lujvo x1 is calm/tranquil/serene about x2 (abstraction) under conditions x3. Cf. to'e, xanka.
.i lo mamta be do cu xanka lo do ni kanro
Your mother is anxious about your health.
ko'a pu simlu lo ka smacni .i ku'i ko'a pu xanka
He looked calm, but actually he was very nervous.
lujvo x2 worries x1 under condition x3. Cf. xanka, raktu, nabmi, pensi.
gismu x1 (person) is panicked by crisis x2 (event/state). See also ckape, snura, terpa, xanka.
lujvo x1=d1 is anxious/earnestly desirous for x2=d2 (abstract), the purpose being d3. Cf. xanka, djica.
lu doi .meris. .i .e'o ko spuda li'u se retsku la .adEl. noi troci lo nu jitro lo ka xanka
"Mary, will you answer my question?" asked Adèle while trying to control her excitement.
mi'o za'ure'u ru'u cadzu i mi'o ca lo nu le te batci za'o se cortu cu co'a xanka
We walked around some more and when the bite kept hurting, we began to worry.
fu'ivla x1 is enthusiastic, excited about x2 (event / property of x1) See also gleki, cinmo, zdile, cmila, cisma, xanka or carmi akti for the meaning 'excited (in high energy state)'
ca lo prulamdei lo bruna be mi cu klama la fukucimas. mu'i lo nu sarji le xabju .i mi xanka lo nu zenba lo ni seldi'e
Yesterday my brother went to Fukushima to help the inhabitants. I'm afraid that the radiation will increase.
gismu rafsi: ra'u x1 (object/person/event/situation) troubles/disturbs x2 (person) causing problem(s) x3. Also afflicts, is disruptive to, troublesome; x1/x3 are a care to x2, x2 is troubled by/cares about x1/x3 (= selra'u for reordered places). See also dicra, fanza, zunti, kurji, xanka, nabmi.
gismu rafsi: tep te'a x1 fears x2; x1 is afraid/scared/frightened by/fearful of x2 (event/tu'a object). Also: x1 feels terror about x2; x2 is fearsome/fearful/frightening/scary to x1 (= selte'a to reorder places). See also snura, xalni, xanka, virnu.