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gismu rafsi: xa'a x1 is a letter/missive/[note] to intended audience x2 from author/originator x3 with content x4. (cf. notci, which has places in a different order; the emphasis in xatra is on the communication between author and recipient, and not the content, which in a letter may not easily be categorized to a 'subject'; ciska, mrilu, papri)
le xatra pu selxru
The letter returned.
mi ciska lo xatra
I write a letter.
mi ca ciska lo xatra
I am writing a letter.
ko'a ca ciska lo xatra
She is writing a letter now.
mi pu ciska lo xatra
He will have written a letter.
ma pu ciska lo xatra
Who wrote the letter?
ma te xatra fi ti
Who wrote these letters?
mi ba'o terbe'i lo do xatra
I received your letter.
lo famti be mi no roi ciska lo xatra
My uncle never writes letters.
mi ba'o terbe'i lo xatra be fi do
I received your letter.
lo mamta be ra ca'o ciska lo xatra
Her mother is writing a letter.
la .paf. cu tolcando lonu ciska lo xatra
Father is busy writing letters.
lo bruna pu ciksa lo xatra be lo mensi
The brother wrote a letter to the sister.
mi te benji lo xatra le mi pendo
I received a letter from my friend.
ji'asai mi pu ciska lo xatra be la tom
I even wrote a letter to Tom.