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gismu rafsi: xir xi'a x1 is a horse/equine/[colt/mare/stallion/pony] of species/breed x2. (adjective:) x1 is equine/equestrian. See also sufti, xasli, kumte.
ti xirma
This is a horse.
mi nelci lo xirma
I like horses.
lo xirma ku cmoni
The horse is neighing.
ti melbi xirma
These are beautiful horses.
xu la.mam. sfasa lo xirma
Is Mother scolding the horse?
le bunre xirma pu'i sutra
The brown horse is fast.
ra sazri lo cilce xirma
He rides an untamed horse.
le grusi xirma pu'i sutra
The gray horse is fast.
lo vi nanmu cu ralte lo xirma
This man has a horse.
lo xirma cu drata lo xasli
Horses and donkeys are different.
mi pu te pixra lo cmalu xirma
I drew a picture of a pony.
lo pe do xirma cu melbi
Your horse is beautiful.
ra me lo pe mi xirma
It's my horse.
lo mi fetsi xirma co'a se jbena
My mare foaled.
lo rectu na cidja lo xirma
Meat is not a food for horses.