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gismu rafsi: xla x1 is bad for x2 by standard x3; x1 is poor/unacceptable to x2. Be careful to distinguish between a bad/unacceptable event, and a bad/unacceptable agent: x1 does poorly (= lenu ko'a gasnu cu xlali and not normally ko'a xlali). See also palci, mabla, xamgu, betri.
xlali timvanbi
It's a terrible climate.
ti xlali
This is bad.
si'au xlali
This looks bad.
.ua na'e xlali
Damn! It's not bad!
ti traji xlali
This is the worst of all.
ra pu xlali
That was bad.
tu'a ko'a cu na'e xlali
What he did wasn't wrong.
lo selpla cu mutce xlali
This is a terrible idea.
ku'i lo ckafi cu xlali
But the coffee's not good.
pa'e le stasu cu xlali
In my unbiased opinion, the soup is terrible.
lo nu mi gasnu cu traji xlali
This is the worst thing I've ever done.
.uucai do se xlali simlu ki'u ma
You look terrible. What happened?
pa'e lo skina cu mutce xlali
My unbiased opinion is that the movie is awful.
nai simlu lo ka mutce xlali
It doesn't look so bad.
le zdani pu se ke xlali panci
The house stank.