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makcubi zei xotli
zei-lujvo x1 is a youth hostel See also xotli, makcubi.
gismu rafsi: xol xoi x1 is a hotel/inn/hostel at location x2 operated by x3. See also barja, gusta.
mi xabju ti xotli
I live in this hotel.
mi bu'u lo xotli
I'm at the hotel.
da xotli vi
There's a hotel here.
ti i'u nai xotli
It's some hotel.
ti i'u xotli i ta i'unai xotli si'a
This is an hotel I know of. That one is also some hotel.
mi stali lo ta xotli
I'm staying at that hotel.
xu do xabju lo vi xotli
Are you staying at this hotel?
ma se zvati lo jbirai xotli
Where's the nearest hotel?
lo xotli cu ragve lo dargu
There's a hotel across the street.
mi tsuku lo xotli lo ralju klaji
I arrived at the hotel via the main street.
la uestern poi xotli cu zvati ma
Where is "Western" hotel?
bu'u lo xotli da gusta lo kukte lo vitke be le xotli
In the hotel there is a restaurant serving tasty food to guests of the hotel.
do se frili lo nu sispe'i lo xotli
It was easy for them to find a hotel.
lo famti be mi cu jitro lo vi xotli
My uncle is the manager of this hotel.