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gismu rafsi: xru x1 (agent) returns x2 to origin/earlier state x3 from x4; x1 moves/gives x2 back to x3 from x4. x2 goes back/reverts/Retreats. to x3 (= se'ixru for agent self-returning to a previous location/situation: renumber places in the lujvo); (x3 may be a location or a person or an event/situation; the latter may also be expressed with krefu or rapli and a causative like rinka/rikygau). See also benji, krefu, rapli, rinka.
ko xruti lo jubme
Clear off the table.
ko vi xruti
Come back here!
di'ai xabju xruti
Have a good trip home!
klama je'i xruti
One way or round trip?
klama je xruti
Round trip
ko'a pu xruti lo vlacku
She gave the dictionary back.
mi xruti lo cukta lo ckusro
I returned the book to the library.
da'a le gunka pu zdani xruti ri
All the workers went home save one.
ko xruti lo jubme lo ka cnici
Clear off the table.
lo ko'a patfu cu mrobi'o ba'o lo nu zdani xruti
His father died after his return home.
lujvo c1 requests/asks c2 to go back/return to x2 from x3. Cf. xruti, cpedu. Based on proposed redefinition of xruti by xorxes: x1 returns to x2 from x3.
ko'a na kakne lo nu xruti lo ko'a zdani be vi la .nu,iork.
He could not return to his home in the New York area.
mi nupre lo nu mi ba xruti pleji lo se dejni do
I promise I'll pay you back.
mi na djuno lodu'u ca makau lo be mi mamta ba xruti
I don't know when my mother will be back.
lujvo x1=g1 causes x2=xr1 to return to state x3=xr2 from state x4=xr3. Cf. xruti, gasnu. Based on proposed redefinition of xruti by xorxes: x1 returns to state x2 from state x3.