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gismu rafsi: xul x1 is smooth/even/[soft/silky] in texture/regularity. See also plita, rufsu, tengu, dikni, pinta, sakli, spali.
i ua xutla
Oh, it is smooth.
gau ko ri xutla
Smooth out it.
lo sefta be lo najnimre cu xutla
The orange has a soft surface.
lo sunla be lo lanme cu xutla
Lamb's wool is soft.
i le plise cu se sefta lo xutla
The apple has a smooth surface.
lo djacu cu simlu lo ka xutla tai lo blaci
The water looks smooth as glass.
mi palpi lo sefta be lo najnimre i ri se sefta lo xutla
I can touch-feel the surface of an orange. It is soft.
gismu rafsi: teg te'u x1 (property-ka) is a texture of x2. See also rufsu, xutla.
gismu rafsi: pin x1 is flat/level/horizontal in gravity/frame of reference x2. See also sraji, plita, xutla.
gismu rafsi: ruf x1 is rough/coarse/uneven/[grainy/scabrous/rugged] in texture/regularity. Fine-textured (= tolrufsu). See also xutla, tengu, vitci.
gismu x1 (agent) polishes object/surface x2 with polish x3, applied using tool x4. See also mosra, sraku, xutla.
gismu rafsi: dik x1 is regular/cyclical/periodic in property (ka)/activity x2 with period/interval x3. Also uniform; resonant (= dikslicai). See also slilu, rilti, xutla, manfo, boxna.
gismu rafsi: sal x1 slides/slips/glides on x2. x2 is slick/slippery to/for x1 (= selsakli for reordered places). See also mosra, fulta, skiji, xutla.
gismu rafsi: pit x1 is a plane [2-dimensional shape/form] defined by points x2 (set); x1 is flat/[smooth]. Also: x1 is even/planar/level. (x2 is a set of points at least sufficient to define the plane); See also xutla, sefta, tapla, karda, boxfo, pinta.
experimental gismu x1 is a quantity of fluff of composition/structure/characterization/substance x2; x1 is fluffy/airy/soft/fuzzy in texture Visual and tactile. Most likely is malleable, but this word has no such implications inherently; porousness or foaminess is likewise not implied. Might also include "cushiony", "cotton-like", "wool-like"; a fractal nature might be present. For fuzziness: not necessarily hairy or furry, but must be soft; not bristly (which implies stiffness and hardness). See also: ranti, rufsu, xutla, panje, dilnu, mapni, sunla, fonmo, jduli, pesxu, marji.