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la degas pu jbena za lo nanca be li za'u pamuno
Degas was born more than 150 years ago.
le ninmu pu muvdu ti za la masti be li pa
The lady moved here a month ago.
lo vi gerku pu jbena za lo masti be li re
This dog was born two months ago.
ti du le junla poi mi pu cirko za lo jeftu be li pa
This is the same watch that I lost a week ago.
mi pu co'u se jibri za lo djedi be li re
I quit my job two days ago.
la .tom. cu cliva pu za lo cacra be li so'o
Tom left hours ago.
le mamta za krixa lu doi mulis. pu'o vacysai doi mulis. uanai li'u
A while later, his mother called, "Mooli, time for dinner... Mooli?"
fu'ivla x1 is the country with the code ISO-3166 ZA (South Africa) for people x2. Cf. nanfi'ogu'e.
lujvo s3 [recipient] is insufficiently/deficiently supplied with oxygen from s1 [source], insufficiently by standard d3. Hypoxia (=lo za kijytoldustersabji)
experimental cmavo time tense distance: an unspecified distance in time Used to express a time distance without specifying any subjective notion about its size. May typically be used in a question when the subjective notion is not known. See also za, zi, zu, ze'ai
lo temci zo'u lo prenu ro roi troci lo nu catra .i ku'i za ba'o catra py
Time: That which man is always trying to kill, but which ends in killing him.
lo prali be fi lo cteki pikta ba za lo nanca be li ci cu co'u banro
Interest on the tax certificates stops accruing after three years.
mi pu klama to'o la nipon za lo nanca be li vo semu'i lo ka stali ze'a lo nanca be li pa
I came to Japan four years ago intending to stay for one year.
.i mi pu za lo nanca be li pa .a re cu dikni .irci zo'ei dei .i je ku'i mi ze'u na lojbo zukte
I was a regular in the channel a year or two ago, but have been away from Lojban for a while now.
la teris. za klama lo rirxe gi'e reisku fi lo finpe be di'o ry. fu le du'u dakau cu pluta le tcadu
Soon, Terry came to a river, and asked a fish in it the way to the city.
mi morji fi lo bu'u tcadu fe lo du'u pu za lo nanca be li pa no no cu ralju tcadu lo bu'u gugde
I remember that 100 years ago this city was the main city of this country.