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lujvo z1=s1 is a shop/store of market/mall s2, selling x3=z2, operated by x4=z3. Cf. vecnu, ja'orca'o.
mi ba penmi lo pendo be mi lo zaisle
I'm meeting a friend of mine at the store.
da poi micyxu'i zaisle zo'u xu vi stuzi da
Is there a pharmacy nearby?
.u'e da goi ko'a zdani .i ko'a smimlu lo lumbu'u zaisle cai .i le barda je nalgusminra canko cu ganlo fi lo spofu
What a home! The place looked like some disused rag-store. The large unglazed window was closed up by a dilapidated shutter.
gismu rafsi: zac zai x1 is a market/store/exchange/shop(s) selling/trading (for) x2, operated by/with participants x3. Also: mall, marketplace, shopping center, cooperative, bazaar, trading post, mart; the concept is the function of selling/exchanging coupled with a location, and is more oriented to the larger concept of marketplace than the stalls/shops that comprise it, though it does not exclude the latter individual shops (= zaisle); x3 may include both owners/proprietors and customers in some markets, but in most contexts refers only to the operators. See also vecnu, canja, dinju, banxa.