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gismu rafsi: zal x1 [individual or mass of hard surfaces] grinds/pulverizes/crushes x2 into powder x3. May need mosra tanru. See also daspo, purmo, marxa, pulce, canre, molki.
ti molki lo ka zalvi lo gurni
This is a mill grinding grain.
mi'a zalvi lo maxri lo purmo
We grind wheat into flour.
ti cabra lo ka zalvi lo gurni vau lo xance
This is a hand-controlled machine for grinding grain.
fi mi le cidja cu mabla lo ka se zalvi lo denci
For me the food is awful in chewing it.
gismu rafsi: spo x1 (event) destroys/ruins/wrecks/despoils x2; x1 is destructive. See also spofu, xrani, marxa, zalvi, xaksu.
gismu rafsi: max x1 [force] mashes/crushes/squashes/smashes x2 into pulp/mash/crumbs/deformed mass x3. See also daspo, pesxu, zalvi, bapli.
gismu rafsi: puc pu'e x1 is dust/precipitate [suspensible solid] from x2 in medium/on surface x3. See also te zalvi, danmo, purmo, sligu.
gismu rafsi: pum pu'o x1 is a powder of material x2. Flour (= grupu'o, xripu'o). See also pulce, zalvi.
gismu rafsi: can x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of sand/grit from source x2 of composition including x3. Also abrasive (= gukcanre). See also bidju, rokci, zalvi, boxna.
gismu rafsi: mlo x1 is a mill/foundry/industrial plant/[assembly line] performing process x2. (unlike fanri,) need not produce a product; grain mill (= grumlo), grinding mill (= zalmlo, zalmlotci, zalmloca'a). See also gasta, gurni, tirse, fanri, zalvi.