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lujvo z1=c1 accepts z2=c2 (object/event) from source c3. Cf. zanru, cpacu, friti, sarxe, fitytu'i, radji'i, cpazau.
.e'enai mi zarcpa lo vi se dunda
I cannot accept this gift.
lujvo z1=c1 approves the receipt of c2 from c3. Cf. cpacu, zanru, fitytu'i, radji'i, zarcpa.
lujvo x1 accepts x2 (an offer/suggestion) from x3. Cf. friti, tugni, cpazau, radji'i, zarcpa.
lujvo x1 admits/accepts/acknowledges/allows/concedes/recognizes that x2 is true about x3 on grounds/under compelling evidence x4 Cf. randa, jinvi, fitytu'i, cpazau, zarcpa.