lojbo jufsisku
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gismu x1 is a bay in/of coast/shoreline x2. See also lalxu, xamsi.
ti zbani lo tumla pe la nipon
This is a coast of the Japanese land.
ti pixra lo zbani mi poi pu zvati la nipon
This is a picture of the coast that I made when I was in Japan.
gismu rafsi: la'u x1 is a lake/lagoon/pool at site/within land mass x2. See also daplu, djacu, rirxe, xamsi, zbani.
gismu rafsi: xas x1 is a sea/ocean/gulf/[atmosphere] of planet x2, of fluid x3; (adjective:) x1 is marine. Also atmosphere (= varxamsi, varsenta). See also daplu, djacu, lalxu, rirxe, tumla, vacri, zbani, ctaru.