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cmavo time tense interval: a medium length of time.
ko vi ze'a denpa
Wait here for a while.
.e'u do ze'a surla
I suggest you rest for a while.
mi pu ze'a sipna
I slept for a while.
mi pu ze'a sipna
I slept for a while.
.a'i mi ze'a ba ralte
I'm trying to hold it!
e'o do denpa vi ze'a
Please wait here for a while.
carvi ze'a lo prulamdei .isemu'ibo mi zdazva
It rained all day long yesterday, so I stayed home.
pu carvi ze'a pi ro lo djedi
The rain continued all day.
ko denpa ze'a lo mentu re'i nai
Just wait a minute, please.
mi pu klaku ze'a piro lo nicte
I cried all night long.
da'ai te ctipla ze'a lo re masti
He has been on a diet for two months.
mi pu sipna ze'a lo nicte
I slept through the night. I slept all night.
lo ka ze'a denpa na nabmi mi
To wait for a while is not a problem for me.
lujvo x1 is the duration of x2. See also ze'a, ze'e, ze'i, ze'o, ditcu, faurtei
xu do stali lo zdani ze'a lo cabycte
Will you stay at home tonight?