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simfoni zei pagbu
zei-lujvo p1 is a movement of symphony number k3 in key k4 composed by k5. Cf. simfoni, pagbu, zgike, nolzgi.
skicu zei uidje
zei-lujvo u1=s1 is a tooltip describing s2 to s3 with description s4 in user interface u2. See uidje.
sornai zei raurci'e
zei-lujvo x1 is the SI (International System of Units), defining units x2 Syn. sornairauci'e. See sornai, raurci'e
te'o zei dugri
zei-lujvo d1 is the natural logarithm of d2. See also te'o, dugri, reldugri, pavnondugri.
vi'e zei saske
zei-lujvo x1=s1 is a science of physics based on methodlogy x2=s3. The branch of science concerned with the study of properties and interactions of space, time, matter and energy. See saske
zo si si zei fa'o
obsolete zei-lujvo x1 is a nonsense zei-lujvo using parts x2, silly by standard x3. This lujvo parses in jbofi'e as an artifact of how high precedence zei is, and how zo erasure works. Specifically, [zo WORD si] has not erased the entire zo clause but has killed zo's "magic". fa'o and quoted si are replaceable, but thrown in for fun, to have a full magic-word lujvo.
konceto zei pagbu
zei-lujvo p1 is a movement of concerto for solo instruments k2, number k3 in key k4 composed by k5. Cf. konceto, pagbu, zgike, nolzgi, simfoni.
cmavo joins preceding and following words into a lujvo. To make tanru out of arbitrary cmavo, use ze'oi instead.
na'e zei .a zei na'e zei by. Livgyterbilma
non-A, non-B hepatitis
nikaraguas. zei lalxu
Lake Nicaragua
atlantik. zei braxamsi
Atlantic Ocean
niuiork. zei tcadu
New York City
gramin. zei banxa
Grameen Bank
pasifik. zei braxamsi
Pacific Ocean
karibes. zei xamsi
Caribbean Sea
baikal. zei lalxu
Lake Baikal