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fu'ivla x1 is a widget of user interface x2. See also: button (={batke zei uidje}), checkbox (={jetnu zei uidje}), radio button (={gribatke zei uidje}), tooltip (={skicu zei uidje}), text field (={ciska zei uidje}), address bar (={samjudri zei uidje}), drop-down list (={pejypoi zei uidje}), progress bar (={nilmu'o zei uidje}), label (={tcita zei uidje}), window (={pevyca'o zei uidje}).
la iba,an zei zarci cu vecnu lo stagi
The Ibaan Market sells vegetables.
loi certu pu pilno lo xy zei kantu
Experts used X-rays.
.i ka'u so'a nanmu cu xebni .iku'i mi certu lo ka .o'o zei cinmo
Almost all men hate something, but I am very good at being patient.
e'o cticpe pa crino tcati ke titla bisli e re taigrteil zei bisyladru
Can you order a green tea popsicle and two Tigertail ice creams?
fu'ivla x1 pertains to the Gregorian calendar. If the context is clear, "detr-" can be omitted. Cf. {gregori zei nanca}, {gregori zei ctona'a}.
fu'ivla x1 is a burger/hamburger. See also: {cirla zei burgere}.
lujvo s1 (mass of facts) is the study of conduct-governing standards s2=m1 based on methodology s3. Major branches of ethics include "meta-ethics" ({ckaji zei madyske}), "normative ethics" ({bilga zei madyske}), "applied ethics" ({pilno zei madyske}), "moral psychology" ({menli zei madyske}), and "descriptive ethics" ({skicu zei madyske}). Cf. saske.
.i fu'e po'o lo za'i prami je lo za'i gleki fu'o cu se cinmo lo se gugde be la skatygug .i lo za'i xebni je lo za'i .i'o zei nai zei cinmo zo'u to'e slabu .i ba'e to'e slabu
There is only love and happiness in Scatland. Hatred and resentment? Well that's unheard of. It's unheard of.
lo betka zei genja pu se friti fi la apolon bu'u lo malsi be ri bei la delfis
Beetroot was offered to Apollo in his temple at Delphi.
lo su'u la pongu'e cu toljgi kei noi jalge tu'a la .pasifik. zei nunjamna na mo'u canci
Japan's shame, the result of the Pacific War, has not yet faded.
fu'ivla d1 (individual, mass) dances ballet to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2. Ballet dance works/ballets (={dansrbaleto zei selfi'i} / {dansrbaleto zei draci}).
fu'ivla x1 is a tool for communication with spiritual beings See also {uidja zei tanbo}
fu'ivla x1 (text) is a Lojban compound predicate using the particle “zei”; with meaning x2, arguments x3, built from metaphor (tanru) x4. See also: zei, lujvo
fu'ivla x1 (text) is a Lojban compound predicate using the particle “zei”; with meaning x2, arguments x3, built from metaphor (tanru) x4. Syn. luvrzei. See also: zei, lujvo
fu'ivla x1 is concerto number x2 in key x3 composed by x4 performed by/at x5( event). Cf. zgike, nolzgi, {konceto zei pagbu}, {pipnrpaino zei konceto}, {jgitrviolino zei konceto}, simfoni, zgifi'i.