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lujvo l1 steals l2 from l3, which is a crime according to z2.
.o'i vi zerle'a
Beware of pickpockets here.
zerle'a le mi dinvau
Someone stole my wallet.
ma pu zerle'a lo plise
Who stole the apple?
lo mi relxilma'e ku se zerle'a
My bike is stolen.
zerle'a lo mi karce ca lo prulamcte
My car was stolen last night.
zerle'a lo kanjunla mi ca lo prulamcte
I had my watch stolen last night.
zerfuzyxu'a ko'a lo nu zerle'a loi jdini
He was accused of stealing money.
ko'a natfe lo du'u zerle'a loi jdini
He denied having stolen the money.
sfasa ko'a lo nu zerle'a loi jdini
He was punished for stealing the money.
se pifygau mu'i lo nu zerle'a
He was thrown in prison for robbery.
da zerle'a loi jdini la .meris.
Someone robbed Mary of her money.
le rivbi zerle'a cu pujeca na'e sispe'i
The escaped robber is still at large.
la tom pu zerle'a fi mi
Tom ripped me off.
lo mi fonxa cu se zerle'a
My cellphone has been stolen.
la .tom. pu zerle'a lo mi kanjunla
Tom stole my watch.