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lujvo f2=z1 is a musical composition composed by f1for function/purpose f3 from existing elements/ideas f4. Cf. zgike, finti, zgifi'i, simfoni, konceto.
lujvo z1=ri2 is orchestral music (classical music or music written in a classical style) produced/performed by z2=ri1 (event), with form/rules/in tradition ri4. Cf. ropno, ritli, zgike, nolzgi, naizgi, sopselneizgi, dja'aza, te'ekno.
fu'ivla d1 (individual, mass) bugg dances to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2. Bugg is a common dance style in Sweden and is very popular on the dancefloors, when dansbands play. Dansband (=lo se dansrbuga zgibe'e). Dansband music (=lo se dansrbuga zgike).
lujvo v4=m1 is a magnetic tape/cassette storing v2 (data/facts/du'u) about v3 (object/event) in file(s) v1. Cf. vreji, datni, datnysri, veisri, skami, sance, zgike, vidni, skina, makyvelvei, cukmakyvelvei, cukmirvelvei, cukyku'ovelvei, snaveitci, dicyselsna.