lojbo jufsisku
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lujvo j1 is the right for z1 to do z2 (event/state). Cf. zifre, javni, selzi'e, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e, rarzi'ejva, prezi'ejva.
lujvo n1 is the freedom of z1 doing z2 under condition z3. Cf. nu, zifre, kamyzi'e, selzi'e, zi'ejva.
lujvo x1 is the quality of whom/what is free to do/be x2=z2; x1 is freedom/liberty of x2=z2 Cf. ka, zifre, nunzi'e, selzi'e, zi'ejva.
lujvo j1 is a human right for z1=p1 to do z2 (event/state). Cf. prenu, zifre, javni, zi'ejva, rarzi'ejva, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e.
lujvo z1=r1 is a natural right for z1 to do/be z2 (event/state). Cf. rarna, zifre, javni, zi'ejva, selzi'e, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e, prezi'ejva.