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zo si si zei fa'o
obsolete zei-lujvo x1 is a nonsense zei-lujvo using parts x2, silly by standard x3. This lujvo parses in jbofi'e as an artifact of how high precedence zei is, and how zo erasure works. Specifically, [zo WORD si] has not erased the entire zo clause but has killed zo's "magic". fa'o and quoted si are replaceable, but thrown in for fun, to have a full magic-word lujvo.
cmavo quote next word only; quotes a single Lojban word (not a cmavo compound or tanru).
zo .djan. cmene mi
My name is John.
ko cusku zo ui
Say cheese.
zo cidjrpitsa fu'ivla
The word "cidjrpitsa" is a loan word.
zo tom cmene mi
My name is Tom.
zo djak cmene mi
My name is Jack.
zo lutsiferas cmene ko'a
Her name is Lucifera.
zo lojban cmevla
"Lojban" is cmevla.
zo zgana gismu
"zgana" is a gismu (root verb).
zo mlatu selbrivla
"mlatu" is a selbrivla.
zo zigzagi zi'evla
"zigzagi" is a zi'evla word.
zo gleki cmene mi
Gleki is my name.
ma smuni zo coi
What is the meaning of "Hello"?
zo sam rafsi zo skami fo lo jbobau
The word "sam" is short for "computer" in Lojban.
zo xagri zo tabra cu jibni lo ka se smuni
The terms "pipe instrument" and "horn" are close in their meanings.