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xu do curmi lo nu mi reisku zo'e do
May I ask you something?
xu do pu cusku fi mi fe zo'e pe vo'i
Did you say to me something about me?
la edvard pu cusku zo'e ne le pa gerku
Eduard said something about the dog.
.i na go'i .i mi na djuno .i ko'a romoi so'i zo'e
No. I don't know. It's a lot of things.
.i lo nu stace na roroi te prali .i tcaci zo'e ne lo munje
Honesty does not always pay. Such is the way of the world.
ki'u zo'e ko'a milxe xebni lo nalgundei be vi la .frans.
For one reason or another their holiday in France didn't come up to expectations.
.au mi retsku fi do fe lo se du'u mi zukte makau zo'e bi'unai
I'd like to ask you about how to do that.
sei .au mi fi do retsku makau se zukte fi zo'e bi'unai
I'd like to ask you about how to do that.
xunai la'edi'u du zo'e noi mi'ai pu jai se kanpe fai lo ka zukte ke'a
Isn't that what we were supposed to do?
experimental cmavo impersonal pronoun; generic-you; generic-one; a generalized person See su'a, da'i, lo'e, do, da, zo'e
cmavo veridical descriptor: the one(s) that really is(are) ... Terminated with ku. Under the xorlo reform, lo converts a selbri to a sumti in a rather generic way. In particular, lo broda = zo'e noi broda.
lujvo x1 is a term (syntactic unit). Examples of terms are naku, bai ku, bai zo'e, ko'a.
experimental cmavo elliptical/unspecified number. See also no'o, tu'o, xo, zo'e, co'e, and do'e.
.i ko mi tavla zo'e naku caku .i .eidai do co'e ca lo nu me'au lo te go'i
Don't come to me now with that. You should have said something when it originally happened.
da poi se sajysne zo'u da se senva zo'e poi ke'a ca'a sanji lo du'u ke'a senva
A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.
experimental cmavo discursive: indicate a change in speaker to general third person (zo'e); used generally in quotations. Notes: Considered to have sa'a attached to it by default. Using sa'anai would cancel that effect. Used to quote dialogues.