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experimental cmavo Something associated with; equivalent to ''zo'e pe'' or "lo co'e be". There are a lot of cases where people use "tu'a" where they actually mean zo'ei; once I noticed the usefulness of such a word to elide whole chunks of sentences, I started wanting it all the time. -camgusmis
do djuno zo'ei ta'i
You know how.
do retsku zo'ei ro da
You ask questions about everything.
mi ba'o tirna zo'ei do
I've heard about you.
mi na jimpe zo'ei do
I don't understand you.
mi na klesi zo'ei ra poi fetsi
I'm not her type.
ki'u ma do krici zo'ei la tom
Why do you believe Tom?
do gasnu ma va'o da'i zo'ei ra
What would you have done in her place?
mi pu na djuno zo'ei le nabmi
I didn't know of the problem.
mi na jimpe zo'ei lo nu do cusku
I cannot understand what you say.
mi pu cusku fi la tom fe zo'ei naku
I told Tom no.
do pu drani lo ka jinvi zo'ei la tom
You were right about Tom.
le'o cu'i sa'u mi pu retsku zo'ei lo se klani be lo nu do kanro
Hey, I just asked you about your health.
zo pacna zo kanpe cu panra lo ka valsi zo'ei lo nu djica
The word "pacna" is parallel to "kanpe" differing in that "pacna" describes desire and "kanpe" doesn't.
lo mi briju cu sepli lo zdani zo'ei ze'a lo cacra
My office is one hour away from my home.
lujvo x1 is an abstraction involving x2 Coined as the "magic brivla" for tu'a, where tu'a ko'a = "lo suvyco'e be ko'a". suvyco'e : tu'a :: selsni : la'e :: srana : zo'ei