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cmavo attitudinal modifier: humorously - dully - seriously. See also xajmi, junri.
Just kidding!
zo'o pei
Are you kidding?
zo'onai toi'e zo'o
I'm serious! OK, I'm kidding.
zo'o nai do fanza
Seriously, you are annoying.
zo'o nai na xajmi mi
No. I don't find that very funny.
do rinsa mi bau la lojban. zo'o
You greeted me in Lojban ;)
experimental cmavo attitudinal modifier: sarcastically - sincerely/honestly There is no good attitudinal for sarcasm. Chosen for its similarity to zo'o.
experimental cmavo attitudinal: silliness - maturity Expresses silliness, similar to one sense of ":P" (another sense being "zo'o"). What the speaker said is intended to be interpreted as being silly (not necessarily the same as humorous). Based on bebna and zo'o. See also zo'o, bebna
e'u zo'o renro la kevin lo vi kevna
Let's throw Kevin into this hole (kidding ...).
puku mi se spaji lo du'u da'i xe fanva lo'u mi xebni li'o le'u vau zo'o
I would have been surprised if the translation had been "I hate... " :)
mi kakne lo ka plipe fi lo ve'i cmana vau zo'o cu'i
I might be able to jump from the hill.
fu'ivla x1 is a cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) of breed x2 See bramlatu.
zo'o cu'i ru'a mi ca lo nu lo ba'o pampe'o cu cliva lo zdani be mi cu tavla vo'a fo la lojban
Seriously, I postulate that I am, right after my ex-girlfriend leaves my house, going to talk to myself in Lojban.