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cmavo rafsi: zum abstractor: activity (event) abstractor; x1 is abstract activity of [bridi] composed of x2.
lo zu'o fipkalte cu mutce vajni
Fishing was very important.
le certu be lo zu'o blutu'u karbixygau cei broda cu tepygau vo'a lo ka crezenzu'e lo zu'o broda lo vartisyboi
The phlebotomist scared herself by practicing her craft on a balloon.
la .tam. cusku lo sedu'u lo zu'o cilre lo fange bangu cu nandu
Tom says that learning a foreign language is hard.
lujvo x1 is an activity See zu'o. Maybe other sumti places are needed.
lujvo x1 is an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) machine. see also zu'o, makslikacma
lujvo m1 (photogrammetrist) measures m2=p2 as m3 (dimensions) with accuracy m5 photogrammetry = zu'o kacmyxramre
lujvo x1 (agent) convinces / persuades / motivates x2 (agent) to do/be x3 (ka/nu/zu'o) by means/motivation x4 (nu) See mukti, gasnu. See bitygau for another sense of "convince/persuade".
fu'ivla x1 is virtually / practically / essentially x2 (ka) for purpose x3 (nu/zu'o); for the purpose of x3, x1 might as well be x2 See virtu'ale, ckaji, kosmu, simlu, markai
experimental gismu x1 (agent) creates 'hack' x2 (nu/zu'o/si'o) for system/tool x3 from inspiration x4; x2 is an emergent use/purpose for x3, unexpected by the original creators or users Contains no positive or negative connotations, can refer both to 'cool/elegant hacks' (se mlezvi) and 'kludge/ugly hacks' (se feglyzvi). Hack as in 'gain unauthorized or unexpected access to' = zvijonse, 'White-hat' hacking = vudzvi/vudzvijonse, 'black-hat' hacking = pacyzvi/pacyzvijonse, 'grey-hat' hacking = norvudzvi/norvudzvijonse. Proposed rafsi: -zvi-. See kosmu, finti, jonse