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lujvo z1 sits on surface z2=c1 that is below c2 in frame of reference c3. Cf. cnita, zutse, cfatse.
gismu rafsi: tiz x1 is a chair/stool/seat/bench, a piece or portion of a piece of furniture intended for sitting. See also nilce, zutse, jubme, ckana.
lujvo s1=z2 is a seat for s2=z2. Differs from stizu in that it focuses on the space rather than the object. Cf. stuzi, zutse.
gismu rafsi: vre x1 lies/rests/reclines/reposes on x2; x1 is reclining/recumbent/lying on x2. See also cpana, surla, zutse, ckana, lazni.
coico'o mlatu i do mo i xu do zutse ne'i le zdani i lo mlatu cu remei
Hey cat, how are you? Are you sitting in the house? There are two cats.
lujvo t1=zb1 is a lap [body part] of t2=zu1 supporting zb2. Cf. tuple, zutse, zbepi, galtupcra. A lap only exists in a seated form, and not when a being is standing erect or when it is lying down.
gismu x1 is upon/atop/resting on/lying on [the upper surface of] x2 in frame of reference/gravity x3. (x1 may be object or event); See also se vasru, jbini, zvati, nenri, vreta, ckana, diklo, jibni, lamji, zutse, punji for lay upon, sarji, zbepi.