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gismu rafsi: zva x1 (object/event) is at/attending/present at x2 (event/location). Atemporal; location equivalent of cabna. Refers to a nonce location for an object/activity that is mobile. (cf. especially stuzi for an inherent/inalienable location, jbini, nenri, se vasru, cpana, diklo, jibni, cabna, lamji, tcini, xabju, jmive, jundi, vitke)
zvati ta
There it is.
zvati ma
Where is he?
.o'unai.ui zvati
I am thrilled to be here.
vi zvati
Here they are.
lujvo x1 wanders within an area x2. muvdu zvati
lujvo x1=facki1 finds/locates x2=zvati1=facki3 (object) at x3=zvati2 (event/location) (= tolcri) See zvati, facki.
lujvo x1 overlaps in time and space with x2 See also cabna, zvati, mokca.
gismu rafsi: jud ju'i x1 is attentive towards/attends/tends/pays attention to object/affair x2. See also kurji, zvati.
fu'ivla x1 happens here / where the speaker is (irrespective of time) Absolute space reference; x1 happens where the speaker is. See also vi, zvati.
lujvo x1 is located between/among/within x2 (plural) See also zvati, jbini.
lujvo x1 spatially accompanies x2 at location/event x3 See also kansa, zvati
mi'o zvati ma
Where are we?
ma'a zvati ma
Where are we?
lo nanmu vi zvati
The fellow is here.
ra zvati lo brablo
He is on board the ship.